Dog Owners’ Essentials for the Car

If you’re taking your four-legged friend on a ride with you, you must prepare your car for it too. There are a number of things that can be useful to you, and here we collected the handiest ones! Check out our list of car essentials for dog owners!

Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover Car Organizers

Even the breeds with the shortest hair tend to leave a mess once they get a ride in a car. If you don’t want to spend ages trying to get the hair from your upholstery, you need to equip your car with this accessory. 

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner Best Sellers Car Cleaning Type : Cordless|Wired

However, if you want to keep things low-key and not use such a big seat cover, that’s fine; but be prepared for intensive cleaning. This vacuum cleaner will make this chore easier and faster for you, and what’s better – it’s so compact it won’t take pretty much any space from your car. 

Dog Car Seat

The Auto Things Dog Owners’ Essentials for the Car

Your pets also should feel comfortable in your car, which is why you need to provide them with comfortable seating. We recommend this Black Vegan Leather Car Seat and this Ivory Cloud Car Seat – they ensure comfort and less shedding. 

Dog Car Seatbelt

Dog Car Seatbelt Set (2pcs) Dog in a Car USA Only

Besides a special seat, dogs also need a seatbelt designed to keep them safe during the ride. You can also later use it as a leash, which allows you to take your pet for a walk even while on a long car trip.

Dog Water Bottle

Eco-Friendly Dog Travel Water Bottle Dog in a Car USA Only

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, especially dogs on a road trip. With a convenient, designed for travelling water bottle, your pet won’t be thirsty on the way.

Bone Chew Toy

Eco-Friendly Rustic Jute Bone Chew Toy Dog in a Car USA Only

Dog toys are a good idea for a trip, since they occupy your pup. And this one will also make sure he won’t chew on anything else in the car!

Finally, equip your car with a Pet First Aid Travel Kit and you’re ready for the journey!

19pc Pet First Aid Travel Kit Dog in a Car
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